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September 23, 2012

Tour de Force – Finished

By: Heather @ 8:11 pm

In the early morning hours before it was even light out we scrambled (after a great night out in Ottawa in celebration of our completion of the tour!)

We needed to eat breakfast, get on our bikes and get downtown before 7am to lead the 5th annual Army Run out of the gates! A tremendous honor that we were all present for and proud to be part of.

Even though it was quite cold out and many of us shivered and huddled for warmth as we waited for the starting gun to lead the over 10,000 participants of the 5k run off the starting line; the energy of the organizers was quite obvious and infectious as they greeted us all and thanked us for our part in the fund raising effort for Canada Company. They also thanked us for being there to start the race and gave us our instructions. The starting gun went off and we sprinted away with the runners not far behind. At the 5k marker we left the course and headed back to the hotel to start the pack up and good bye process.

Another great Tour de Force completed! We formed memories and relationships that will likely last a life time and not even twenty-four hours later as I write this; I’m confident that I’m probably not alone in saying that I miss the gang already!

Great job team; until next year when we meet again!

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September 22, 2012

Tour de Force – Day 6

By: Heather @ 9:08 pm

Tour de Force - Day 6Day 6 brought us heavy rain and cold winds for the first half of the day. By the time we reached Richmond at lunch time, we were all freezing with drenched clothing and little blood left in our extremities!!!!

Finished the ride into Ottawa, escorted by the local
police for a grand entrance through little Italy and Chinatown along with a professional and talented group of young bikers who live mostly in Europe and will soon participate in the Tour de France.

We finally met for a pasta diner at the Canada Army Run at confederation park. We were introduced to some extremely interesting people, including an Afghanistan Veteran who lost limbs and is an example of tenacity and courage! This is why we support Canada Company.

The evening continued with tons of fun and dancing to cap off the wonderful week experienced by all. Fantastic team spirit !

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September 21, 2012

Tour de Force – Day 5

By: Heather @ 8:58 pm

Tour de Force - Day 5Good evening from the bustling metropolis of Perth,

Today was our shortest ride, roughly 65 km into Perth.  Everyone was super excited about the possibility of riding in light rain and following the route via spray paint on the road.

Since nothing was planned for lunch or this evening everyone went at their own pace into town and got to explore the ‘big perth’.  Team westmount went hard today in a group of 8 changing leading riders throughout 2.5 hour ride.  The hotel is absolutely stunning with a full spa and amazing accommodations.  In fact JP’s room is 2300 square feet and the entire contingent will be enjoying a few hydrated beverages in his room.

Dinner is set up in the luxurious hotel and a joyous night to follow.

Looking forward to the ride to Ottawa for the last leg of the tour.

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September 20, 2012

Tour de Force – Day 4

By: Heather @ 9:28 pm

Although day 4 was one of the lighter mileage days (85kms) it had its challenges. Most of those challenges were self induced.

Kingston the night before has always been a highlight of the the tour and last night was no exception. The weather was beautiful and all of the riders enjoyed a strong wind out of the west for the last 50 kms of the ride. Our day ended in the scenic town of Brockville. Having just completed 4 days of riding we can see how the group is beginning to gel. As in previous years new friendships have been forged and old ones renewed.

Day 4 was topped off with a delicious home cooked meal at the base. The riders also had an opportunity to demonstrate different fire arms (unloaded of course!)

Tomorrow we are off to Perth! Another day on the bike… It really could be a lot worse!


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September 19, 2012

Tour de Force – Day 3

By: Heather @ 8:27 pm

Tour de Force - Day 3Today’s ride started on the outskirts of Belleville. All our clothes were barely dry from yesterday’s gruesome ride and replaced with the 8 degree weather. The sun was a welcome sight indeed.

The ride took us through Prince Edward county through towns of Welland, Pickton, and Bloomfield were we took the Glonora ferri. The morning was a beautiful ride through farms, vineyards, and apple orchards.We had lunch after crossing at the 55km mark. The half way point of the day.

After lunch we hit the road with full bellies and smiles. Matt walker almost caused a full blown accident by having his bike tire explode, causing panic and confusion in the peloton. Laura, among that group, was right behind Matt, swung left into traffic risking her life while avoiding Matt. As a result Matt Walker was not able to finish the ride, neding a tire. So he got a ride in the mechanic van. He will have to add 20 km tomorrow to catch up.

The day ended with the ride to downtown Kingston, right to the hotel and its hot-tub. Kingston marks the half way point of our ride. Ottawa is now in our sights. Here’s to sun in the sky and wind at our backs.

J.P. Richard

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September 18, 2012

Tour de Force – Day 2

By: Heather @ 9:26 pm

19 degrees and rain for 80% of the day (photo below).

We Left from Bowmanville and had lunch at the Colborne Legion.

We ended the day with having done 123.5km.

We had a refreshing shower at Trenton Gymnasium. We then headed for a tour at Sedley S. Blanchard Building – Air Memorial Center, where we checked out a flight simulator. After, we did the tour at the CFB Trenton where we were able to board a landed C130J Hercules and got to sit in the cockpit (photo below).

We ended the evening with dinner at Baker’s Island, hosted by the Canadian Air Force (photos below).

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September 17, 2012

Tour de Force – Day 1

By: Heather @ 8:25 pm

Downtown Toronto to Port of Newcastle (Bowmanville). 95.5 km Beautiful Sunny Day!

Lunch at Mackie Moving in Oshawa.

In the evening, we were hosted at the Ontario Regiment Officers’ Mess for dinner.

Westmount's team for Tour de Force 2012

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September 16, 2012

Tour de Force 2012

By: Heather @ 6:24 pm

The third annual Tour de Force kicked off today with the Westmount Moving team departing on our bus towards the start line in Toronto. Johan Maartens will be driving the bus to Toronto and during the Tour.

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