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September 23, 2012

Tour de Force – Finished

By: Heather @ 8:11 pm

In the early morning hours before it was even light out we scrambled (after a great night out in Ottawa in celebration of our completion of the tour!)

We needed to eat breakfast, get on our bikes and get downtown before 7am to lead the 5th annual Army Run out of the gates! A tremendous honor that we were all present for and proud to be part of.

Even though it was quite cold out and many of us shivered and huddled for warmth as we waited for the starting gun to lead the over 10,000 participants of the 5k run off the starting line; the energy of the organizers was quite obvious and infectious as they greeted us all and thanked us for our part in the fund raising effort for Canada Company. They also thanked us for being there to start the race and gave us our instructions. The starting gun went off and we sprinted away with the runners not far behind. At the 5k marker we left the course and headed back to the hotel to start the pack up and good bye process.

Another great Tour de Force completed! We formed memories and relationships that will likely last a life time and not even twenty-four hours later as I write this; I’m confident that I’m probably not alone in saying that I miss the gang already!

Great job team; until next year when we meet again!

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