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August 30, 2013

The joys of Labour Day weekend!

By: Heather @ 6:31 pm

Happy Labour DayOh the joys of Labour Day weekend! The classic, ‘last weekend before summer ends’ trip with the family and/or friends! The family get-togethers and feasts, the parties and the memories! What would we do without it?

Well, people did survive without it for quite some time. The day only was made official in 1894 to celebrate various labour associations’ strengths and contributions and to give a much needed day of rest. However, we, in modern times view this day a little different. Sure, it could still be a ‘day of rest’ but for most, it is exactly the opposite!

For many, Labour Day is viewed as the end of the summer season and a last chance to make trips or hold outdoor events! For teens and university students it is the last chance to organize parties before school starts again. In some neighbourhoods (maybe yours), there are fireworks, BBQ’s and other public events. Let’s not forget football season starts and many teams play their first game of the year during Labour Day weekend.

If moving/relocating is in your Labour Day weekend plans we have a few tips that will make the move as easy as can be! These tips could make your move quicker and more efficient, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your Labour Day weekend! Jump in a pool, go biking, see the sights, catch up on your gossip and most of all, rest up and take full advantage of the time off.

Tips and Moving Checklist

Before you move:

  • Determine what you’re going to keep, discard or donate
  • Gather your valuable documents in a safe location
  • Dismantle furniture and/or disconnect electronics-this service may be offered to you

When planning the move

Change of address


Also think about advising your:

  • Financial institution
  • Life insurance company
  • Magazine and newspaper subscriptions
  • Educational Institutions
  • Family doctor/Pharmacy

The day of the move

  • Is the elevator available (arrange with concierge or building manager)
  • Has parking been arranged?
  • Did you make sure to provide an easy access for the movers
  • Have your considered your kids being baby sat?
  • Did you provide your cell phone number to the moving company
  • Have arrangements been made for your pets?
  • Have you emptied your fridges and freezers?
  • Make sure you have cleaning products available for the final round
  • Advise the new occupants of your new address

Don’t forget to take a final look outside!

(Shed, under the balcony, etc)

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August 19, 2013

Hub Ottawa hosts Launch Some Good entrepreneurial competition…with a Twist

By: Heather @ 6:07 pm

Who knew that smoking would ever be considered in a six-minute pitch for an entrepreneurial competition based on improving life on Earth?

Over the weekend, Hub Ottawa, a for-profit company that provides working space and a collaborative atmosphere for entrepreneurs hosted Launch Some Good, an entrepreneurial competition that has been said to share the same qualities as that of Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice. On Friday night, 25 entrepreneur hopefuls were given just 48 hours to divide themselves into five groups and plan a six minute pitch for a business venture that would help clean up the Earth, improve life on Earth and yet still earn revenue. What emerged in those 48 hours was spectacular and incredibly diverse.

From ‘Camp-in-a-Box’ (a concept to address youth unemployment by helping to teach teenagers and young adults to execute activities for children) to phone apps that would provide real-time information on how long one would have to wait in Ottawa Hospitals, one group stood out among the rest. Coined ‘butt barons’ by the Ottawa Citizen, four young adults (ages ranging from 20-22) the group explained to the judges that discarded cigarette butts make a city ugly to look at and are also not environmentally friendly. Their plan? Create collection bins and sell them.

Who would want to buy such things? The group explained that the butts could be used for insulation or be given to a company in New Jersey that would turn them into furniture and other household items. Being operated on solar power, these containers would count the number of butts that were dropped inside, to stimulate public interest. As one of the team members pointed out “butts are still the world’s most common type of litter.” This venture is still at the idea stage, but with a little help and a bit more planning, Ottawa and other cities may soon see those butt containers alongside their city corners.

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August 16, 2013

Back to school!

By: Heather @ 5:41 pm

With summer coming to a close, some feel like the party is over. However, for others, the party has just begun!

While a vast majority of students dread returning to school, those newly graduated from high school have yet to embark on one of the most epic journey’s they will ever encounter: Leaving the nest and relocating to a university dorm or apartment complex. Yes, it’s that time of year! Parents, get your Kleenex boxes ready, your wallets open for dorm furniture, school books and of course those moving supplies and send your ‘little ones’ off to University!

Whether your child’s new dorm or apartment is near or far, you can still be a part of their new journey thanks to social media and all the wonders it brings to communication. Whether you chose to Skype, FaceChat or even share photos and links via Facebook or Twitter, staying close to your child while they take their first adult steps into the world has never been easier. Before you bid adieu to your university bound ball of joy, here are some useful tips to make your child’s moving experience from home to dorm room as easy as can be: Determine what you’re going to keep, donate or discard. Dismantle furniture. If necessary, advise your family doctor, pharmacy, subscriptions… etc about the relocation.

Good luck freshmen!

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