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September 12, 2013

When packing, moderation is key

By: Heather @ 1:07 am

You’re decided to move. You’ve sold your house, found a new one and booked your move with Westmount Moving and Warehousing. While all that may not have been easy, some find the hardest part is still to come: packing up a whole house. Where to start? Where not to start? How long will it take? What about children? What will we do with them?

Kristel Pellow, owner of the Ottawa based company Hassle Free Move, is a professional organizer whose specialty is pre-and post move planning. She offers several tips to reduce the confusion and prevent people from ‘run-around-with-their-heads-chopped-off’. Some of those tips include: Pack and purge early, meaning you should pack the seasonal and easy to move items first and afterwards, don’t be shy to start discarding things from the start of the process. Her next tip is to pack one room at a time, otherwise it will seem daunting. To make un-packing easy, she suggests to LABEL YOUR BOXES CLEARLY as to what is in each one and specify exactly which room they will go in. Her last word of advice? Save the packing until a couple of weeks before the move.

For other useful trade secret tips visit Westmount Moving and Warehousing’s Packing tips as well as the necessary Packing Materials.

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