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October 1, 2013

Home Safety Tips

By: Heather @ 2:21 pm

We help you move into a home. We go through the process with you from the beginning to the end. Therefore, the last thing we want is for your new space that we helped you move into, get burglarized or destroyed in some way. With Ottawa police issuing a warning to keep doors and windows locked after two women were woken up by a strange man in their bedrooms in Sandy Hill early Sunday morning, we think it’s time to re-think some safety measures. Coming straight from the Toronto police, are some valuable tips to keep your castle safe from invaders:

  1. Keep your doors and windows closed
  2. Leave some lights on at night and keep noise on when you’re away
  3. It doesn’t pay to advertise: Answering machines that tell strangers you’re going to be away for a week will not help you.
  4. Stow the usual suspects: Hide your valuables
  5. Stow your car
  6. Keep an eye out: If you see something suspicious, trust your gut
  7. If your house has been broken into: Don’t go in, call the police and don’t touch anything. Once police have arrived, take lots of photos.
  8. Ask to see company I.D. or a badge if someone knocks at your door
  9. Have more than one phone line
  10. Install an alarm
  11. Check your locks often
  12. Take a walk around your house to spot any weakness or area a burglar might use
  13. Change your routine: Burglar’s often stalk homeowners to learn their routine, change yours up to keep them off their game.
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