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October 8, 2013

‘Swabbing Parties’: New-age trend to find a match

By: Heather @ 7:45 pm

Normally when one visits a bar, they last thing they expect is to be cotton swabbed upon entrance. However, if it can help save someone’s life, swab away! Welcome to a Swabbing Party or ‘Swab-a-thon’. Confused? Read below.

Welcome to a Swabbing Party or 'Swab-a-thon'. Chris Taylor is the general manager at Grace O’Malley’s bar in Ottawa. Chris was recently diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and was told he needed bone marrow transplant. Un-able to find a match that could give him a chance to be cured, his boss who owns other bars in the Ottawa and Toronto area organized something called a ‘Swab-a-thon’ for Chris.

Basically, every person who visits the indicated bars during the swab-a-thon dates with have their mouths swab in order to potentially track down a stem cell match that could be donated. With a large turn-out and a simple cheek swab, Chris has an 80% chance of finding a match and 50% chance of being cured. Chris is taking it day by day and is hopeful, although he does suffer intense muscle pain and nausea because of the illness.

He is currently going through the chemo process and thinking positively. He is thankful for the support he has behind him and encourages others to the same for their friends or family that are suffering from an illness where a simple swab and can be the cure.

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