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January 21, 2015

How to Find the Best Ottawa Moving Company

By: Heather @ 4:25 pm

Moving to a new home is frequently listed as being one of the most stressful times in a person’s or family’s life. Not only do you need to find the right property, and sell your existing home, you also need to ensure that everything transitions as smoothly as possible. One of the most important aspects of changing homes, is hiring the right moving company. Using an unreliable or even an unfriendly Ottawa moving company can make your move much more stressful than it needs to be.

A good moving company will help ensure that all aspects of your move is organized from beginning to end, and that all of your items make the journey safely and promptly. Choosing the right Ottawa moving company means finding one with experience, a good reputation, appropriate insurance, and that offers a professional and reliable service.


Experience really does matter when it comes to moving services, especially if you are overseeing a complex or especially large move. Even if you are only moving the family around the corner, you will want to ensure that the Ottawa moving company you choose has the experience required, to prevent damage, lost items, or turning up late on the big day.

A company with decades of experience will have the insights and knowledge to allow a stress free move, every step of the way. If there are complex items to disassemble, access to the property is limited, or there are problems getting large or fragile items into the new property, they will have industry knowledge of how best to overcome such problems.


Businesses take years building up their reputation, and any organisation that has become reputable in their industry will usually be happy to show off their previous work.

When choosing an Ottawa moving company, ask for a portfolio of previous clients, check out their testimonials, and even consider contacting one or two of the previous clients that they detail for you. There is no better way to get an idea of professionalism and reliability than to ask those that have used the company themselves.

Fully Insured

No matter how carefully packed a truck is, and how experienced the removal staff are, there is still the possibility of accidental damage and breakages. If something does get damaged, whether it is during transit or while being removed from your old home or transported into your new home, you need to know that you are covered.

Every Ottawa moving company should have insurance, but you need to check that this is the case. If an accident occurs, and there is no insurance to cover it, you may struggle to recoup the cost or replace the item in question. Liability insurance, employee insurance, and vehicle insurance are the minimum requirements in these cases.

Professional and Reliable

Because moving property is such a stressful experience, you will want to ensure that you use an Ottawa moving company that is professional and reliable. If the company turns up late, it can leave you stranded and worried. If they don’t turn up at all, it means that the buyers of your property will not be able to move their stuff in, until you find another moving company.

Check with previous customers, consider the amount of experience that a business has, and ask as many questions as you have. A good Ottawa moving company will be willing to help with everything from offering packing tips to choosing the right packing cartons, and ensuring that everything is safely moved to your new property.

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