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January 23, 2015

Benefits of a Cross Canada Moving Company

By: Heather @ 3:11 pm

When moving across Canada, many families try to save a few dollars on their move by packing, organizing and transporting all their belongings themselves. This can sometimes lead to a lengthy process that no one enjoys, including such risks as running an inaccurate estimate of fuel costs, being injured when packing and loading, as well as the potential for bad weather or mechanical failure.

The biggest benefits of hiring a cross Canada moving company includes eliminating the risk of injury, ensuring that all fragile and awkward shaped valuables arrive intact and unscathed, and eliminating all delays from the random chaos of moving across the country. Below are 4 reasons why it is essential that you hire a professional cross Canada moving company to facilitate your move. (more…)

Hire the Best Gatineau Movers with Various Transportation Services

By: Heather @ 2:05 pm

From physically packing items, to organizing the logistics and transportation for a move – there is plenty to deal with when getting ready to move into a new home. Fortunately for the residents of Ottawa-Gatineau, it is nice to know they have access to some of Canada’s best movers at their doorstep. The Gatineau region has some of the most qualified movers in Ottawa and perhaps even Canada, many of whom have been in the industry for decades! Here’s a look at what makes Westmount Moving’s Gatineau Movers some of the best in their field.

Honest & Helpful Services

Aside from the top quality moving and logistics services provided by Westmount Moving in Gatineau, one of the most important qualities of any mover is their dedication to customer service. Some of the most effective methods of ensuring a seamless and stress free move is to follow a courteous approach to clients, and provide customers with helpful advice regarding various aspects of their move. A level of helpfulness beyond simply moving boxes goes a long way – something our Gatineau movers know all about.

When it comes to the physical move itself, it’s important that all items are handled with extreme care. That being said, Westmount Moving’s Gatineau movers are renowned for taking great care of all customer’s property. Even more so, our movers are known for guaranteeing the safe delivery of customer’s merchandise, and can fully insure your merchandise in the case of damages incurred while in their possession. (more…)

September 23, 2013

Technology and moving, there’s definitely an app for that

By: Heather @ 5:36 pm

With all the technology crazes that are happening at the moment, Westmount Moving and Warehousing decided to get on the band wagon as well. As you know, at Westmount Moving and Warehousing, we strive to provide a first class moving experience for our customers on each and every move. From the time you make your first call to Westmount Moving and Warehousing, to the moment your last possessions are unloaded from one of our trucks to your new home or office, you will be impressed with our staff of friendly, efficient professionals. Aside from just getting you and your belongings to where you want to be, we also know and love our trade and are always here to offer tricks of the trade, tips and advice for pre and post moving experiences. Lucky for you, this week’s topic is something you are probably all familiar with: APPS!

Yes, these apps are the top apps to download onto your iPhone, Smartphone, Android, Windows phone or whatever gadget you might have! Enjoy

1) Moving List: Gives you a timeline for buying boxes, renting a truck and even pre-populates your list with typical moving tasks.

2) Moving Van: This app lets you track what’s in your boxes. Assign each one a name or number, take photos of the boxes you pack and track your possessions.

3) Stanley Bostitch Level: This app came in super handy while decorating my new apartment. It is insanely accurate and easy to calibrate

4) Frame Up: Frame Up is an iPad-only app, but the concept is simply ingenious! After taking a picture of their wall, users are able to use Frame Up to plan a wall art/photo arrangement. Remember, it’s always best to test first before taking hammers or any tools to the home.

5) Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer: Determining lighting/light sources is as important as choosing a paint color when it comes to decorating an interior. Sun Seeker is an amazing tool for photographers, botanists, and home owners too, providing information about where exactly the sun will be shining from with the aid of augmented reality.

6) Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap: Sherwin-Williams’ ColorSnap is a handsomely produced app supporting the popular paint brand’s massive catalogue of colors. Browse through over 1,500 shades, or use color from a photo and get the perfect tone, and save physical space by saving all possibilities in the ColorSnap app rather than a swatch file. When you’ve decided on a color, simply save the mixture code for a trip to the hardware store.

7) BuildApp Pro: Creating a room layout for optimal position of furniture before the heavy lifting is always a good idea, both for sanity and your muscles’ sake. BuildApp Pro makes it easier for couples to communicate an ideal layout by creating a virtual 3D model of the apartment space and placing replica furniture.

8) Inventory: Another opportunity offered during the process of moving into a new home is unpacking each individual item. This is the chance to finally log and gain a better understanding of how much and learning exactly what we own. Inventory acts as a handheld scanner and photo database (with built-in camera feature), offering a user particular fields to fill in details such as room, location, and volume for itemizing, an especially helpful tool for home insurance preparation.

9) Jack of Tools Pro: Jack of Tools is a digital toolbox of home improvement tools. For setting up shelves, use the level tool is handy for straightening. The flashlight is handy for low light situations, while the magnifying tool is great for inspecting details, and the sound meter can determine the threshold of ‘how loud is too loud?’ indoors.

10) WigWag: Home automation and monitoring has taken off thanks to smart phones and compatible devices, combining an assortment of features once limited to expensive custom installed systems. And after moving, without furniture in the way, it can be the perfect opportunity to setup an automation system like WigWag, which allows homeowners to check temperature, turn on/off lights, and even schedule when the front door can be unlocked, with an open source system compatible with an assortment of home automation products already on the market.

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September 12, 2013

When packing, moderation is key

By: Heather @ 1:07 am

You’re decided to move. You’ve sold your house, found a new one and booked your move with Westmount Moving and Warehousing. While all that may not have been easy, some find the hardest part is still to come: packing up a whole house. Where to start? Where not to start? How long will it take? What about children? What will we do with them?

Kristel Pellow, owner of the Ottawa based company Hassle Free Move, is a professional organizer whose specialty is pre-and post move planning. She offers several tips to reduce the confusion and prevent people from ‘run-around-with-their-heads-chopped-off’. Some of those tips include: Pack and purge early, meaning you should pack the seasonal and easy to move items first and afterwards, don’t be shy to start discarding things from the start of the process. Her next tip is to pack one room at a time, otherwise it will seem daunting. To make un-packing easy, she suggests to LABEL YOUR BOXES CLEARLY as to what is in each one and specify exactly which room they will go in. Her last word of advice? Save the packing until a couple of weeks before the move.

For other useful trade secret tips visit Westmount Moving and Warehousing’s Packing tips as well as the necessary Packing Materials.

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