Employee Relocation and residential moving services

Employee Relocation & Residential Moving Ottawa Gatineau

At Westmount Moving we have provided businesses with employee relocation services for over 70 years, which encompass all aspects of the moving process including planning, documentation, logistics and transportation. Whether you’re relocating employees within Canada, into the United States or abroad, we provide custom tailored relocation plans that will have your staff and their families settled in their new home quickly, efficiently and stress free!

We provide our professional employee relocation and residential moving services to businesses of all sizes, and provide the same level of quality service to all of our clients. Some of our larger clients include Canadian Pacific, the Ottawa Senators, the Montreal Canadiens and many more!

How Our Employee Relocation Services Work

All clients who choose Westmount Moving for their employee relocation needs are provided with a single point of contact, who coordinates the entire process between our moving and logistical team, your business and all relocating employees. A dedicated 1-800 number will be assigned, which will provide management as well as employees 24/7 contact to your moving specialist, who will be happy to provide answers to any questions or concerns you may have during the relocation process. We work hard to make this move simple and convenient for all parties involved, and strive to make the transition as seamless as possible. As well, our affiliation with Westmount Moving trusted worldwide network ensures your goods will arrive to your destination on time and damage free.

Our Employee Relocation Services Benefit the Business

There are numerous benefits to choosing Westmount Moving for your business’ employee relocation needs. These business specific benefits include:

  • Preferential pricing including volume discounts
  • Custom tailored reporting to assist in planning policy and cost monitoring
  • Adherence to your Corporate Relocation Policy
  • Priority service during peak times and seasons
  • Excellent customer service
  • Accommodating and friendly staff

Our Employee Relocation Services Benefit your Valued Employees

Aside from benefiting the business, our employee relocation services also benefit the employees themselves in many ways. Some of the main employee benefits include:

  • Designated Moving Coordinator who is available 24/7, managing the relocation process from start to finish, who is always available to answer questions and provide assistance during unforeseen circumstances
  • Priority service during seasonal peak times
  • Constant communication and status updates throughout the moving process

If your business has employee relocation requirements, big or small, contact our team at Westmount Moving to facilitate employee relocation in a cost effective and efficient manner. Call us today at 613-742-7555