Moving Antiques & Collectibles

Moving Antiques

Before your move

At Westmount Moving, we know how important our client’s belongings are to them. This is especially true with antique belongings and collectibles. As a result, we make sure that our movers take all the necessary precautions to keep your valuable in the excellent condition. We offer a free consultation by a moving consultant, view your home to assess your antique collection, and work with you to establish a safe and responsible moving strategy. During the in home consultation, make sure to point out all of your antiques and collectibles that may require special handling. This includes items such as family heirlooms, fragile porcelain, wooden trinkets, furniture and more. Your moving consultant will arrange for all of your antiques to be moved with extreme care, and arrive at your destination in the condition they left in. For added peace of mind, we always suggest that our clients take photos or videos of their inventory before the move.

Protection Plans

It’s always a good idea to invest in a suitable protection plan to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may occur and cause damage to your precious items. Your moving consultant will discuss the options with you, and review the amount and types of insurance packages you will need to provide adequate coverage for your valuables. As well, it is always important to identify and document all your highest valued items on the inventory sheet before moving. This is particularly important for long distance or cross-border moves, as it can be requested by customs officials.

Protecting Your Antiques

At Westmount Moving, you can be assured that we will handle your antiques and collectibles with the highest level of care, and provide safe and secure transport. In order to protect your valuable antiques, you also have the option of having your items crated rather than safety wrapped. We custom build wood crates for your antique goods that allow for the highest level of protection and ensure that your items are secure and firmly secured in the truck during transportation. Your valuable antiques can be further reinforced with extra padding, can be secured using stretch wrap and even decked in the truck so that it’s not in contact with other items.

All loose furniture parts and accessories are secured before packing and any hardware, screws, bolts, and other components will be stored in bags and inserted in a box labeled "Parts Box". Parts boxes are labelled according to each individual antique. Doors are secured with straps or strings to prevent them from opening during transportation. Mirrors and any glass panels are removed from furniture or taped and secured with stretch wrap and extra padding to ensure stability and protection.

Collectibles such as crystal glassware, china and porcelain are placed in specialized compartment containers and wrapped thoroughly in tissue. All cartons containing breakables should be labeled "FRAGILE" and handled with extreme care!

Download tips for moving your antiques in printer friendly PDF format

Moving a Wine Collection

Appraisal and Valuation

For those who are avid wine collectors and have many expensive and rare wines in their inventory, moving can become a bit of a concern. Wine collections become vast and are often worth a lot in both monetary and sentimental value, and cannot be moved like any traditional item. At Westmount Moving, we highly recommend hiring us for our professional wine collection moving services. We take extreme care in all of our moves, and how the correct moving materials and resources to transport your wine inventory safely and securely to your new destination.

We also recommend obtaining an appraisal of your high-value collection. You can locate an appraiser through a local wine merchant in your area. You want to make sure that you have the appropriate replacement protection policy on your wine collection, so that individuals receive optimal coverage against loss or damage during transport.

On the day of the move, your van operator will prepare an inventory of the shipment before loading and check for any existing damage. At the destination, your household goods and wine collection will be unloaded and should be checked against the form, with any loss or damage reported at that time.


Our professional movers are educated, and highly qualified in proper wine storage and packaging. If you choose to pack your wine yourself, consider obtaining wine-packing bottles used to transport wine by the case on commercial airlines, which are made of Styrofoam or corrugated cardboard.

Legal Considerations

When travelling abroad, you are often restricted in the amount of alcohol that can be imported for personal use. Check with the alcohol control authorities in your destination location before your big move. This type of transportation often requires specific paperwork and legal documents to be filed.

Please Note: The transport of Wine is at the discretion of the mover. Many factors play into the risk levels of transporting wine and Westmount Moving reserves the right to refuse transporting alcohol in certain situations.


If you’re planning to move your wine collection in the summer or winter months, you may want to consider transporting your wine collection in a temperature-controlled truck, as extreme temperatures can affect the taste and quality of your wine. Arrangements can be made with your moving consultant to obtain a temperature controlled vehicle.

Download tips for moving your wine collection in printer friendly PDF format