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Cross-border long distance moving - United States (US)/Canada Moving

Moving Personal Belongings to USA from Canada

Moving to the USA from Canada is an exciting experience that marks a new beginning in a different country. Each year, countless individuals and their families make this move across the border, many of whom make the transition fairly easily and stress free, while others simply were not prepared! Whether you’re making the move for a new career opportunity, or simply moving to be closer to family, there are a number of forms and processes that need to be completed before being able to successfully cross the border and move into the USA.

For these types of cross-border moves, we always suggest you hire a reputable moving company such as ourselves to help facilitate the move. We have handled countless moves into the United States and know the cross-border moving process inside and out. Regardless of who you hire to transport your goods, there are a number of things that need to be considered and a variety of forms and information that need to be filed with border officials when moving personal belongings to the USA from Canada.

What you Need to Enter the USA

  • Valid Passport
  • Approved Visa allowing you to work and move to the United States
    • A full inventory list must be provided to the CBP officer as well
  • Copy of I94 form – US customs official provides you this when crossing the border
  • A completed HS7 form for every vehicle you are importing into the USA
    • A blank form and FAQ guide can be found here
  • **Additional forms and paperwork may need to be filed depending on each individual. Consult your moving consultant to make sure you have all the necessary documents ready.

Typically, we suggest that you arrive to the border before your moving truck and provide all the necessary paperwork and immigration information to border security first. This way, all necessary paperwork can be processed and a simple inspection will take place once the truck once it arrives.

Duty Fees

Your household goods and personal items are permitted to enter into the United States as long as you have owned these items for at least one year. If you’re purchasing items for your new home in the USA, consider the fact that you may have to pay duty on any of these items once entering the country. Any large purchases such as appliances and household furniture will be subject to duty fees if purchased in Canada.

If you are transporting a large amount of antique goods, it is recommended that you obtain a professional appraisal before crossing the border. Items less than 100 years old are often taxable, and it is up to the discretion of the border officer. As well, if you’re moving a wine collection across the border, you may be required to pay tax on this alcohol.


  • Any dog under 3 months old will need proof of rabies vaccinations and a certificate from a veterinarian that states the animal is in good health
  • Birds may be subject to a quarantine period

There are a number of variables and unique situations to cross-border moving. It is essential that you trust a reputable moving company to facilitate this move with you. At Westmount Moving, we specialize in cross-border moving and relocation and have been doing so for over 75 years! Contact us today at 613-742-7555 or by email at info@ottawa-gatineau-movers.com