Moving Applicances

Preparation is key when it comes to moving your appliances. It is important to know your responsibilities as well as what we as movers will take care of. As movers, we will handle the transporting of your appliances from your home into your new residence. The servicing of your appliances for the move (both at origin and destination) is your responsibility, unless you have requested that we make these arrangements on your behalf. Therefore, it is your responsibility to:

Here is a guide to what is required when moving appliances:

Small appliances (Blenders, Toasters, etc).

These should be packed in boxes, two to three in a box. Ensure that the bottom of the carton is securely taped and padded with packing paper, or towels and sheets. The appliances should be padded well all around them with packing paper, towels or sheets with another layer of packing material on top.

Medium-sized appliances (Microwave and Convection Ovens)

Medium-sized appliances should also be placed in cartons, with the bottoms securely taped. Glass trays should be removed, wrapped and securely packed in a separate box. The bottom of the carton should be padded with packing paper. Place the appliance in the middle of the carton and pad around the appliance and on top. Secure the top of the box and mark the box with its contents.

Washing Machine

Clothes Dryer





Freezers should be empty during a move for several reasons:

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