Moving Your Vehicle

Our moving consultants at Westmount Moving & Warehousing are experienced in moving vehicles and can discuss the various options and documentation requirements with you. Depending on the circumstances, your moving consultant can advise whether the vehicle can be transported directly in the moving van, or whether a third party service is recommended. We can make all arrangements for you for the third party transport of your vehicle.

Preparing a vehicle for transport

Paperwork required

The paperwork required for transporting your vehicle will vary depending on whether your move is within Canada or cross-border and depending on your particular circumstances. Your moving consultant at Westmount Moving will discuss the documentation requirements based on your circumstance.

Vehicle Condition Report

When the vehicle is picked up for transport, a Vehicle Condition Report should be completed and signed by you and the driver. The report will include the pickup date and location, delivery address, color, make, model, mileage, vehicle identification numbr (VIN) and a report of the condition of the vehicle (scratches, dents, paint condition, etc). You should keep a copy of this report.

Leased vehicles

You require a letter of permission from the leasing company to move a leased automobile to another city or province. Leasing companies normally do not allow a vehicle to be moved to or from the United States or other foreign countries.

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