Commercial & Office Moving Company Ottawa Gatineau

Westmount Moving is an Ottawa moving company that provides commercial and office moving services to clients across the Ottawa-Gatineau area. Our talented team consists of experts who plan and execute large scale moves for various industries. Whether you need to move your head office from Gatineau to downtown Ottawa, or are an industrial warehouse looking to relocate from Ottawa into Gatineau, we provide custom tailored commercial moving solutions for your unique needs. Whatever your business, we are happy to facilitate your move, regardless of size, destination or time constraint!

We provide businesses with free estimates, project management, packaging, cross-continent cartage along with our professional door to door delivery services. We have been in the moving business since 1938, and in our 70+ years of operation, we have moved many different businesses to locations all across Canada, the United States and abroad. We have the skills and know-how to facilitate your business’ move in an efficient, safe and timely manner that will allow for the lowest possible down time, and leave you the business owner with more time to deal with the operational aspects of the business itself.

Our team is professional, courteous and responsible with all of your valuable items. We take great care of all of the items we transport and make sure that no damage is done to your belongings. We are experienced in moving some of the most delicate and complex items such as computer equipment, industrial machinery, art, antiques, furniture and much more!

We pride ourselves in our speed and efficiency, but most importantly, we ensure that our commercial moving services stay on schedule so that you can resume your business as fast as possible!

If you’re a business looking for a commercial moving company to facilitate your office or warehouse relocation, give us a call for more information at 613-742-7555